What To Expect When We Clean Your Chimney

When you make an appointment, you can expect us to be reliable and prompt. We respect your home and possessions, and before we do any work, we make sure we've carefully protected the area where we'll be working. We are VERY mindful of soot/dust accumulation and are very careful not to make a mess.

For a routine chimney cleaning, we start by sending our polyfiber chimney rods up (or down, or both) the chimney with the appropriate size and style brush to scrub and remove excess soot build-up in the smoke chamber and entire chimney flue. We then clean off the smoke shelf of ash, loose soot and debris that has accumulated. We then proceed to clean the damper housing and entire firebox including side, rear and inner hearth (floor). If there are doors, we clean those as well. There are many different styles of chimneys and woodstoves, and there are different cleaning methods for each of them. This is our standard chimney cleaning process, which usually takes 30 minutes to an hour to complete.

Inspecting Your Chimney

Now that the chimney is clean, we can accurately see the true condition of the masonry, mortar, flue liner, smoke chamber and firebox (see the diagram to the right).

If we spot any problems, we'll take photos, so we can explain what you're seeing. We perform a comprehensive multi-point inspection to assess the condition of your chimney, inside and out, to determine whether the chimney is properly constructed and has any cracks, missing mortar or deterioration. We also check the chimney cap and crown, and look for signs of animal/bird intrusion. Any of these issues can create conditions that can make it dangerous to use your fireplace.

We'll provide you with a complete report of the condition or your fireplace or woodstove. If there are any issues with your fireplace or chimney, you'll be well informed so you can make an intelligent choice as to how you want to protect your family and your home. Whatever you choose, please rest assured that Ace Chimney Sweep is exactly as our slogan says: Honest. Reliable. Affordable. We have won awards in a total of seven categories in Angie's List and we are a Certified Pro on Home Advisor. Our online reviews are excellent. We're quickly developing a reputation as one of the best chimney companies in the area.