Keep your chimney & dryer clean and safe!

We can address any of these common chimney issues:

Creosote build-up: A thorough cleaning will address most dirty chimneys. Sometimes we find creosote that has a bubbly texture, or looks like popcorn. That is the sign of a chimney fire you may not have even been aware of. It's caused by creosote buildup that actually catches fire. Chimney fires are extremely dangerous and can burn down your whole house. To avoid this, have your chimney cleaned after each cord of wood you burn. Learn more about our chimney-cleaning process.

Dryer vents: It's easy to forget about your dryer vent, but over time, the vent walls accumulate lint, a highly flammable material. There are thousands of house fires every year caused by lint that catches fire in the dryer vent. Have yours cleaned annually; it's just as important, if not MORE important, than having your chimney cleaned. Learn more about dryer vent cleaning.

Flue liners: We repair and replace cracked clay flue tiles and also work with many different types of stainless steel liners; corrugated, smoothwall, air-insulated, and solid-packed A Class. We also do aluminum and Type B-vent chimney liners.

Water damage/leaking: Depending upon the cause of the leak, you may need a chimney cap, flashing repair or perhaps waterproofing is the solution.

Mortar: Call us to fix your broken or missing mortar joints. We are experts at tuckpointing, whether it's the interior, hearth, or exterior.

Moss growth on the exterior: We hand-brush and pressure-wash the exterior to remove surface growth, then seal the brick to prevent water absorption, the leading cause of moss growth. Moss on your chimney can also be a red flag that the mortar and brick may be deteriorating. Our special sealant repels water while still allowing the brick to "breathe," and doesn't add the film used by most other chimney repair companies.

Chase covers and chimney caps: Are you missing a chimney cap, or is your chase old and rusting through? We offer stainless steel, finished-galvanized, aluminum and copper replacements. All of our chase covers all come cross-broken on top and with a drip edge standard (most companies charge extra for these). We keep the five main sizes of masonry chimney caps on our truck at all times, and we can order any type of specialty cap: multi-flue, round, black, air-cooled, Vacu-Stack, caps with windguards, special screens, whatever you want.

Crowns: We can repair or resurface any kind of chimney crown using mortar, cement or a flex crown.

Dampers: If you have a broken, missing or inefficient damper, we can take care of that as well. The new energy-saving dampers that are now available can pay for themselves. Stop letting your house heating and air-conditioning escape up your chimney!

Chimney fire damage: After a chimney fire it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED — and often even required — to have the chimney swept and inspected. Rapid heat expansion can easily break terracotta clay flue liners and crumble the mortar or cement in the smoke chamber. Chimney fires also cause residual creosote build-up to expand in the chimney and block the flue.

Animal intrusions/bird nests: We can remove most any kind of critter who's decided to call your chimney home.. It's important to take care of this because many birds and animals carry diseases that will contaminate the air in your home.


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