Dryer Vent Cleaning

Many people are not aware that dryer vents need to be maintained, even if you regularly remove lint from the accessible lint filter. Thousands of house fires occur each year because of accumulated lint in the dryer vent. A simple, effective cleaning each year can prevent vent fires and give you peace of mind.

The inspection and cleaning process starts behind the dryer. We check the overall condition of the dryer’s means of connection to the wall termination. We typically utilize a rotary brush system throughout the vent to the outside termination, combined with forced air, that will clear out any lint, debris or nesting material located in the vent. We completely cover the exterior vent opening during the cleaning process so there is little or no sign we were ever there.

We also offer repair and install services of new or damaged vents as well as bird guards that can be installed on the exterior to keep birds from nesting in the vent, which is a very common issue throughout Hampton Roads.